Getting started

To get started you'd need Eclipse 3.3 Europa (J2EE developers )edition.
In addition the following plugins are required :

(i) Maven-Eclipse plugin update site:
(ii)  OpenArchitectureware  4.2 -  update site :
(iii) Suclipse :

You'd also Maven to be  up and running - . 

We'd use mysql database for the samples, get mysql and the query browser from following locations: - Get the community edition

The model zargo file is viewable using ArgoUml. Get the latest.

In Eclipse do following  

New-> Project -> Svn -> Checkout Project From SVN

Choose  "Create a new repository location" radio  and  on the next page use this for the url :

Checkout the following project  by expanding mvnArchetypeJPASpringJSF  in the tree view

choose - mvnArchetypeJPASpringJSF/trunk. 

This is the maven archetyp for creating new projects. 

After setting up the environment check out the following three projects as well in the same workspace using the wc svn repsoitory :

Now open a command prompt window and navigate to your new workspace . e.g. if it is C:\dev\wcdev then go to C:\dev\wcdev\mvnArchetypeJPASpringJSF and type "mvn install" 

This will install the maven archtype in your local repository. 

Now cd.. to move to the parent of the archetype directory.

Now create a new project using the following command  : 

mvn archetype:create  -DarchetypeGroupId=org.witchcraft  -DarchetypeArtifactId=archetype-JPASpringJSF -DarchetypeVersion=1.0-SNAPSHOT  -DgroupId=com.mycompany.wcmda  -DartifactId=firstwcproj